Up until now, Tran Le Duy Nhat's victory at Ciputra Golfpreneur 2015 is still considered a historic achievement for Vietnamese golf.

If we are discussing the Asian Development Tour and the Asian Tour, Tran Le Duy Nhat perhaps is the most knowledgeable person in Vietnam. As soon as he started to pursuit a professional career in 2008, Tran Le Duy Nhat was determined to compete in these two Asian tournament systems.


During his peak, Tran Le Duy Nhat has attended nearly 100 events on the Asian Development Tour, as well as the Asian Tour. Evenmore, the golfer born in 1989 has earned his own title on the ADT with the championship at Ciputra Golfpreneur 2015. Up until now, Tran Le Duy Nhat is still the first Vietnamese golfer to win at a regional golf tournament.


Tran Le Duy Nhat won the 2015 Ciputra Golfpreneur.


During the 4-day competition in Indonesia that year, Tran Le Duy Nhat maintained his position in the leading group continuously. Starting the first round with 70 strokes, but it was not until the next 2 days of competition that we really saw the excellence of Tran Le Duy Nhat, when he achieved a record of 66 strokes to keep a position in the top 3 after 54 holes, 14 under par. The golfer born in 1989 is only 1 stroke behind the top position, held by Lam Chih Bing (Singapore) and Sutijet Kooratanapisan (Thailand).


On the day of the final match, while the Thai golfer unexpectedly performed poorly, Tran Le Duy Nhat and Lam Chih Bing still had a stable performance gave fans an exhilarating chase. At the end of 17 holes, the Singaporean golfer is still 2 strokes ahead of Tran Le Duy Nhat and had one hand on the championship. However, Lam Chih Bing's mistake with a bogey point on hole 18 was utilized to the fullest extent by the Vietnamese golfer. A perfect birdie putt from 15 feet on the last hole helped Tran Le Duy Nhat level the gap and send the Singaporean into a play-off series.


Hole 18 continued to be selected for the play-off series and Tran Le Duy Nhat once again excelled in getting the 2nd birdie in this first hole. Meanwhile, Lam Chih Bing, despite his best efforts, only got a Par in the play-off hole, thereby taking his hat off and accepted that the Vietnamese golfer won the 2015 Ciputra Golfpreneur Championship.


“I have never had such a good ending. This is my motivation to strive for the rest of the season. Hopefully through this tournament, young golfers in Vietnam will see that Vietnamese people can compete in golf in the international arena and bring pride for the country. I hope they will have more motivation to practice and compete.” – Tran Le Duy Nhat shared after winning the 2015 Ciputra Golfpreneur.


That year's victory of Tran Le Duy Nhat created motivation as well as inspiration for young Vietnamese golfers. Although there has not been a another Tran Le Duy Nhat yet, in the past 5 years, Vietnamese golf has discovered many young talents who are talented enough to make the country proud such as Truong Chi Quan, Nguyen Anh Minh, Le Khanh Hung, Nguyen Dang Minh, …


Currently, Tran Le Duy Nhat is focusing on teaching and golf business.


Meanwhile, for Tran Le Duy Nhat personally, in recent years, the golfer born in 1989 has focused on teaching, as well as business and no longer competes all that much. Occasionally, fans can still see Tran Le Duy Nhat out in the field, but only in movement tournaments. As for professional events, we rarely see the 33-year-old golfer appear. However, with what has been done in the past, Tran Le Duy Nhat can still be considered as the legend of the Vietnamese golf scene.


At the end of August, all the attention of Vietnamese golf fans will focus on Danang, where the BRG Open Golf Championship Danang 2022 will take place. As part of the Asian Development Tour (ADT) system, the BRG Open Golf Championship Danang 2022 is the first time an Asian golf event has come to Danang. This is a great honor and also the result of the unremitting efforts, as well as the cooperation of the whole community in developing golf in Vietnam. BRG Open Golf Championship Danang 2022 has a total bonus money of 75,000 USD, and 144 golfers are expected to participate, of which Vietnam has 22 participants. The tournament will take place from August 29th to September 2nd at BRG Danang Golf Resort.