"Let's Shine" (Vietnamese name: Hãy toả sáng) has been officially chosen by the 31st SEA Games Organizing Committee as the theme song for this year's big sporting event - hosted by Vietnam. Musician Huy Tuan takled proudly about this special "brainchild".

Not only a talented musician with many songs loved by generations of audiences, musician Huy Tuan is also a sports lover and has always been proud of Vietnamese sports. With a desire "to do something for Vietnamese sports", he shared with Golfnews about the emotional process of making the theme song for the 31st SEA Games.

“Let’s shine” is chosen as the official theme song for SEA Games 31st

An inspiration for a bright and hopeful message

When he happened to know about the campaign to compose the theme song for the 31st SEA Games 4 months ago, musician Huy Tuan started composing this song. At that time, the whole country was carrying out the social distancing instructions. During the 31st SEA Games International Media Conference, the Information and Communication Subcommittee said that musician Huy Tuan was the last one to submit his song and was officially chosen.

Sharing the inspiration when making this special song, musician Huy Tuan said:

“This song was written during a very difficult time for everybody, but it is also a time when we are all optimistic about brighter days where we can all be immersed in the exciting atmosphere of cultural and sports events, meeting face-to-face and socializing with international friends, these are all the positive mindsets that help me delivered such delightful emotions in the song. In addition, the admiration of a true sports fan for amazing athletes, who sacrificed so much of their youth to bring glory to the country, these are the things that inspired me when I composed.”

“The sweat and tears that fell, the pain endured in the past, is the fulcrum for us to shine for the present and the future” - Those are the lyrics that best express the spirit of the official theme song for the 31st SEA Games.

Musican Huy Tuan with singer Van Mai Huong & Ho Ngoc Ha

According to musician Huy Tuan, the song took inspiration from the burning and pent-up emotions after a dark period of the pandemic, the feeling of wanting to interact with people, to be immersed in the festive atmosphere of SEA Games, to have an excuse for all emotions to overflow and so he started to write the song with pride in the shining sky of Vietnam.


A special love for Golf

Despite being an artist, musician Huy Tuan also loves sports and is a loyal fan of Vietnamese sports. When being asked about the sport he is interested in in SEA Games, musician Huy Tuan shared that he has always been attracted to the sports competed in the Olympic, from swimming, athletics, to football. Especially, Golf is a favorite sport of the musician, particularly in recent times. Sharing more about this sport, he said that in Golf, there are many elements and emotions that are special to an artist.

“Golf is a very unique sport for an artist like me. It includes all the elements of strength, ingenuity and many emotions. There are lots of similarities between golf and music, to be able to shine on the stage you have to practice and practice every day, golf also has to be meticulous from such small details to go out in the field and excel. Spending time on the golf course is really relaxing for me, the view itself is great.” – Musician Huy Tuan shared about golf.


Not only have an interest in playing Golf, musician Huy Tuan also pays a particular attention to Golf players participating in SEA Games 31.

With young faces in the golf team representing Vietnam at the SEA Games, musician Huy Tuan expressed that these are all very promising players. According to the musician, the future of golf is really exciting and fortunate when we have young people with such passion and talent.

Moreover, musician Huy Tuan pays close attention to Nguyen Anh Minh - a promising young golfer in the team. Talking about Nguyen Anh Minh, he shared more:

“I have been following Nguyen Anh Minh for 2 years now, because I occasionally meet him at the training ground. I am very impressed with Minh's rapid growth.”

Composing the song "Let's shine", the musician wishes to convey all emotions, the pride of a Vietnamese sports fan. The song is a strong spiritual encouragement: the passion, sweat and perseverance of the athletes will be rewarded, the opportunity will come for each person to shine in the sky of the SEA Games - Vietnam 2021.

By: Thuy Tien

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